Coyotes TV with Tom Shields

Osoyoos Coyotes Dec 2 Rebel Rousin Rigby


Coyotes Coach when he played for Osoyoos and one on my favorite crfeations

Osoyoos vs Princeton 02 15 20


Entertaining Hockey with a 6 to 2 Coyote Win at home. Game only had 2 officials as the referee was sick just prior to game time. They did an excellent job.

Osoyoos vs Kelowna 02 12 20


Kelowna wins 3 to 2 with Coyotes scoring at the end of the game in a close call but the referee ruled it was in after the game ended.

Osoyoos vs Chase 02 07 20


Trevor Kennedy's Natural Hat Trick leads Chase to a 6 to 2 win over the Coyotes at the Sunbowl

Osoyoos vs Nelson 01 25 20


A 'robust' game and a 7 to 1 Leaf win over the Coyotes