Club Directory

Owner / President / Director of Business Operations - Randy Bedard (
Head Coach / General Manager - Dean Maynard (
Assistant Coach - Don Chase
Assistant Coach - Dan Dahlgren
Skills Instructors / Player Development - Tyler Liebel
Player Selection / Development - Mitch Fritz
On-Ice Instructor - Brian Dragseth
Athletic Trainers - Dr. Johnny Cheong, Justin Price
Equipment Manager - Glen Martins
Dressing Room Assistant - Tony Batista
Travel Coordinators - Randy Bedard, Dean Maynard
Team Doctor - Dr. Garnett Tarr (Desert Doctors' Clinic)   
Team Dentist - Dr. Jason Bartsch (Sun Valley Dental Centre) 
Team Physiotherapist - Grant Storzuk (Osoyoos Physiotherapy and Active Living Clinic)
Team Chiropractor / Nutrition / Strength & Conditioning - Dr. Johnny Cheong (Sunshine Valley Chiropractic)
Team Chiropractor / Concussion Specialist - Dr. Brittany Morris (Sunshine Valley Chiropractic)
Team Chaplain - Pastor Phil Johnson (Osoyoos Baptist Church)
Team Educational Liaison - Scott Tremblay (Osoyoos Secondary School) 
Team Photographer - Jen Jensen (Jen Jensen Photography) 
Website Design - Brad Lawryk
Website Maintenance - Randy Bedard